Who we are.

We’re a marketing company focused on helping small businesses make huge strides toward online visibility and overall success. But, we also firmly believe in the power of investing in the community of people behind these businesses across the country. 
The world we live in poses a daily struggle, but it makes every day worth living if we can bring light and love to one person’s life through our actions. 


Helping those hit hardest.

With the pandemic and recent economic changes, we know that nearly everyone is impacted in one way or another, especially single moms.
Single moms are being hit particularly hard - leaving jobs they desperately need to take care of their children, dealing with limited childcare options, and not investing in their financial futures. 
While we know that these funds won’t solve every problem that will arise for a single mom, we know that sometimes $500 makes all the difference in the world.

Who we are.

Nominate a single mom today!

If you know a single mom that needs help and a little love from the community - nominate her today. Tell us about a single mother in your life and how these funds would impact her and her family.

This giveaway is active from 4 pm MST July 23, 2021 - August 2, 2021, at 9 am MST. The winner will be selected and notified within the week following the conclusion of this giveaway. 

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