Who we are

From concept to prototype, we create not only websites, but custom experiences

Our company was founded in May 2019, and our innovative team has a combined 45 years of software and online marketing experience. We have built over 3000 successful online marketing campaigns.

The president and CEO of Xtremify was a small business owner for 12 years and later became the chief product officer for the Kukui Corporation from 2014 - 2019; he was also part of the executive team that took the company to a successful $27M investment in June 2019.

Our own large and small business background has given us unique insight into how much of an impact small businesses have on local economies as well as the global economy. We know running a business is more than a full-time job and what a valuable commodity any free time is.

45+ years of combined experience

3000+ successful online campaigns

1000+ satisfied customers

What we do

At Xtremify, we create custom online marketing and connection spaces for our clients. We use our proprietary platform technology, and our design and marketing team to take your business to the next level.

We provide lightning-fast web technology, and our websites are high performing, and visible across all platforms, allowing you to be found quickly and make a quality first impression.

Setting the website mood and overall feel via images used

Using images, wording and color schemes that are appealing to many users set the tone for how the content you provide is received.

Remaining usable while standing out from the crowd

Our goal is to create a user friendly space that is also visually appealing. Our design and branding skills come into play here setting your apart from the competition.

Selecting the colors for our projects

Color selection is extremely important, and will be a point of focus when designing your website. Color theory goes beyond what is just visually appealing and takes into consideration other factors such as color psychology, perception, and other cultural associations.

What we do

Our Philosophy

The desire to see small businesses prosper and grow has been and remains our company mission. We care about your small business and the people that it represents.
Your business is your income, but more importantly, a part of who you are. At Xtremify, we want to utilize our technology to show the world just what you have to offer and why they need your services.

Additional services we provide to our clients

We also provide additional marketing tools like Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Ads, and Social Media Management.


Our custom design postcards, sent via direct mail are a fantastic way to spread the word about your business and connect with potential customers.

Review Request Email Campaigns

We’ve created a top-of-the-line review request system. This system enables you to contact your clients and request that they provide feedback for you. The review request process allows you to expand your reach and receive reviews from your current and former clients.

Employees Module + Features

Our programed employee modules allow your team to simply keep track of employees, and their information. These features can also be integrated into communication with customers making your staff more efficient.

Final Thoughts

Allow us to help you cultivate a healthy work and personal life balance while advancing your business forward - strategize with us about your future today!

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