Optimize your workforce management with Xtremify's Dispatch Software

Optimize your workforce management with Xtremify's Dispatch Software

Track the progress of your jobs at a glance

Using the dispatch board, you can get a birds-eye view of the progress and status of all the jobs your business has for the day. You can check individual employee's workload, job progress, and future jobs, as well as jobs that are blocked for any reasons, or jobs that do not have assignees yet.

Flawlessly prioritize and re-assign jobs for fluent workflow

Incidents occur, as well as project's downtime. With our easy to use dispatch software, you can immeediately identify if a job is being blocked, or needs more workforce, so you can assign more resources to a particular job with just a few clicks.

Resolve issues with ease using our internal chat hub

Internal communication regarding a job or project is key to success. This is why, we implemented chat channels or feeds per job, so all the information regarding a job, including internal communications, images and documents can be stored in it.


Dispatch Software Solution for the Small and Medium Business Owners

Seamlessly connect the team on the field with the office staff management

Maximize your team's productivity with Xtremify's dispatch software. Designed to tackle common roadblocks to completing jobs on time, such as time management issues, material delays, and unexpected schedule changes, our software streamlines the dispatch process with smart scheduling optimization. Effortlessly extend, shorten, or reschedule jobs with a few clicks, ensuring your team remains productive and utilized throughout the day.

Using our job dispatching software, business owners can benefit from:

  • Increased employee productivity 
  • Understanding the workload of the team at a glance
  • Easy job or project management
  • Improved internal communications
  • Save time by figuring out who is doing what
  • Send immediate updates to all assigned employees via our mobilee app
  • Send On My Way messages to customers to inform them your team is arriving soon

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Xtremify's Dispatch Software Features

Improve the performance of your business starting with job management

Our main goal is to build software that would help business owners grow their companies and improve their performance. This is why we have built our software based on our client's feedback and are constantly adding features as they are requested.

Below are the most popular recently added features to the text marketing module.

  • Show Answer Identify delayed jobs and blocked work at a glance
  • Job creation and employee dispatch are designed in a way that seamlessly integrates with your workflow. You can easily identify if you have available employees at a given time frame, and assign them to a particular job or project. You can also set "Open-time jobs", where the employee is not bound to a particular time to go to the job site or does not have a set of time dedicated to the project. While creating a job, you are able to post exactly what the employee has to do once they are at the job site.
  • We have designed our dispatch view to work in layers, avoiding overwhelming and confusing clusters of information. Our three-layer approach allows you to get a low-fidelity overview of each job, including its overall progress. If you want to see more detail, you can dive deeper to see each employee's progress. The third layer provides a full, high-fidelity view of the job, including the entire job history, attached images, estimates and invoices, and internal communications. This way, you are always only three clicks away from the full job history, without feeling overwhelmed
  • The full job view serves as a "hub" page for each project or job. You can review the entire history of a project, starting with the initial lead information, through project progress and to it's final invoice being paid.
  • Track your employees and their workload on a weekly and monthly basis, to get a better understanding on the state of your business and to know if you need to invest in more marketing to get full workload on all your employees or you need to slow things down if your team is overburdened.

Let us help you succeed

The main goal of Xtremify is to help customers acheive better business performance, with little to no effort from the actual business owner. We maintain this by constantly adding features that would bring more leads and sales, and by constantly improving our current software solutions. Get in touch with our sales to start your business improvement today!