Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

Track the sources of your leads

Ever wondered how your visitors find your website? With our lead sources tracking features, you can analyze which online campaigns drive more traffic and leads to your business. We associate every form submission or phone call to a particular source.

Automated Lead Grouping

With our automated lead grouping features, you can review the entire communication flow between you and a particular customer. Every single phone call, text message or form submission by the same person is neatly organized within a lead container.

Complete record of all calls & forms

We keep every single form, phonecall record or text message as lead events within a particular customer's record. This way you can always go back to the start of every job, project and conversation, and review or analyze any information that you might find valuable.

Our Lead Tracking System

Lead capture and lead tracking are at the core of our service. By properly structuring the lead and visit data we allow business owners to get better understanding of their business and customer relationships.

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  • Using the lead dashboard, business owners and sales teams can get a quick overview of the business performance. The dashboard combines data from multiple sources, including website tracking sources, leads, job types and job revenue*, new leads and new customers for the last month and much more.

    *Job types and job revenue data is available by either manually inputing data for estimates, invoices and job types into separate leads or by importing data from outside sources.
  • The Xtremify Phone Tracking System allows you to purchase tracking numbers and assign them to a particular source. This way, if a visitor enters your website from the source in question (let's say they found you on google), the system will automatically show the user the associated phone number. By doing this, you can get a more granular overview over your website online presence and where your visitors come from. Also, using separate tracking numbers, you can forward calls to a particular team or person in order to create a better customer service. Every single phone call that is made via a tracking number is logged and recorded within the leads module, allowing you to re-listen every conversation your business had.
  • Alongside the essential lead tracking features, the leads module features additional optional features such as:
    Other website visits: Using our advanced tracking system, we are crossmatching all the data we have for a particular customer and serve it in an easy to understand user interface. Using this feature, you can track how many times a customer visited your website before they made a call or lead, what pages they visited and how much time they spent on them and from what sources they found your website.
    Lead evaluation: Allows you to add additional information regarding a lead. This includes Lead status (if you are running a sales process), Job type (you can define job types on the fly, which allows you to get a more granular overview of every lead), tags, Estimate & Final due.
    CRM Features: Customer details, Scan to call/scan to save qr codes for easy communication with clients, lead grouping, additional client information such as additional addresses, emails and phones, contact grouping and tags (used for campaigns and notifications) and more. 

Let us help you succeed

As with all our products and services, we aren’t in the business of setting your platform up and forgetting about it. We are constantly adding more features to the platform that enable businesses to grow and flourish. Our team strives to maintain high levels of quality with the products we have to offer as well as top-tier customer service. Your success is our success.