Transform Your Customer Communication with our All-in-One Text Messaging Solution

Transform Your Customer Communication with our All-in-One Text Messaging Solution

Web chat on the go

Typically, web chat features require staff to be constantly available to respond to website inquiries. Additionally, potential customers must remain on the website to continue their communication with the business. With Textify, we eliminate these issues by allowing the chat to be initiated on the website but continued via phone at a convenient time for both your business and your clients.

Time-efficient communications

Users are accustomed to receiving a response within 1-2 minutes when using a web chat, and if they don't, they often leave the website. For a small business, it is unrealistic to expect there to be a dedicated web chat response team available 24/7. With our on-the-go approach, you can respond at a time that is convenient for you without compromising the client experience. Thanks to automated messages and instant phone notifications, you can rest assured that no chat will be missed or have a delayed response.

Improve your workflow efficiency

No matter how powerful a tool may be, if it has an overly complicated workflow or poor user experience, it will fail to serve its purpose. This is why we have developed Textify to be as simple as possible. From the initiation of a customer chat to automated messages and QR codes that allow you to continue communication directly through your native phone texting, we built our software with the business owner in mind.


An Effortless Solution for Business Owners

Streamline Customer Communication with Textify

With Textify, business owners can handle customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, respond on-the-go, and never miss a chat thanks to automated messages and instant phone notifications. Whether you're a small business looking to improve customer communication or a large enterprise looking to streamline customer support, Textify is the solution you need. By utilizing the power of text messaging, businesses can ensure that they are always one step ahead.

Some of the add-on features to textify that would improve your business workflow include:

Textify Features Showcase

Improve your client communications

Our main goal is to build software that would help business owners grow their companies and improve their performance. This is why we have built our software based on our client's feedback and are constantly adding features as they are requested.

Below are the most popular recently added features to the text marketing module.

  • Show Answer Easy to Use Web to Text Messaging User Interface
  • Textify integrates with all of our internal systems, so you can have one hub to control all your customer communications. This includes your website, CRM contacts, invoices, review requests & payment requests. Each message from such sources appears as a system message directly into the chat feed. You can also set automatic responses, out-of-business hours responses and more.
  • We allow external contact lists to be imported in our CRM, so you can tap into communications to contacts you acquired via other systems. We also implemented a QR code feature, where you can continue your text chat from where you left it via a simple QR code scan.

Let us help you succeed

The main goal of Xtremify is to help customers acheive better business performance, with little to no effort from the actual business owner. We maintain this by constantly adding features that would bring more leads and sales, and by constantly improving our current software solutions. Get in touch with our sales to start your business improvement today!